Do these six things before shopping for a carpet

Congratulations! You've decided to get carpet flooring installed in your home; it has a timeless beauty and is functional as well, eliminating noise, cushioning falls, and even conserving energy.

We know that flooring will probably be the biggest investment you'll ever make in your home, not to mention it's a big expression of personal style, so we want you to have floors that are the crown jewel of your home!

It is important to do a little preliminary work even before you start shopping. That way, you'll already have some idea of what you like and need before you even begin the search.

Checkpoint Flooring has been in business for over 20 years. We're your "one-stop shopping" source and can even come to you with our mobile showroom. We handle both residential and commercial installations, have a large inventory, and provide professional services, such as installation, rug binding, tile cleaning, and more.

Our showroom is in Clearwater, FL and we service the surrounding areas: Tampa, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, and Safety Harbor.

Things to consider while choosing your carpet

  1. Examine your lifestyle. Do you entertain frequently? Do you have kids and/or pets? Do you have elderly residents who use wheelchairs or walkers? Most importantly, what is your budget, don't think of the product only, but also of the auxiliary costs, such as installation, professional carpet cleaning, etc.
  2. Look at the room. Is it sunny and hot, with direct sunlight? Does the area get a lot of foot traffic? Is it used for family activities, or is it a room that's only used when guests arrive? Will the area be near or far from the entrances?

Also, have some knowledge of these facts


  1. Know the difference between density and weight. Weight is not a determination of carpet quality; in fact, some installations, such as on the stairs require a thinner one. Density means how close the strands are tufted together; bend a sample card and if you see a lot of white space, it's lower quality.
  2. What is your home's style? This is important for coordination.
  3. Do you know basic constructions? There are six.
    • Cut piles are good for high-traffic areas.
    • Textured plush works in any room.
    • Saxony works well in living and dining rooms in traditional-style homes.
    • Frieze is more informal and looks like a curly top, with its twisted fibers.
    • Plush is velvety, luxurious, and great for bedrooms, but do keep in mind that it will show footprints.
    • Cut-loops combine cut and loop yarns.
  1. Have some idea of fibers. There are both natural and synthetic carpet threads, and there are four basic ones: Natural, such as wool; synthetics, such as nylon (the strongest), polyester, and olefin (not as durable, better for lower traffic areas). Of course, there are also blends, as well as some other ones such as silk.

    Never consider padding an afterthought. That's what protects the carpet and keeps it free of wrinkles and rolls.

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