Four reasons why you'll love hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are warm, rich, elegant, suit any style of decor, and are durable. While that's reason enough to love them, we'll give you more.

There might be a little sticker shock in the beginning but, like anything, you need to factor in all the variables. One: When taken care of properly, they'll last for decades. We've even heard of cases where the last 100 years, and that mean no replacement costs. Two: when the floors start to look worn, it's usually because of scratches. The scratches are most often in the veneer and not the wood itself so, most likely, a simple refinishing with no sanding can bring the luster back. Third: if you get tired of the color, you can have the floors sanded and stained another shade, even going from dark to light.

Checkpoint Flooring opened its doors in 1996 and, since then, has become a leader in both residential and commercial flooring installation in the Central Florida area. We have years of experience installing flooring and provide outstanding service, as well as a customer-friendly approach.

Our showroom is in Clearwater, FL and we service Tampa, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, and Safety Harbor.

Other reasons to love it

  • Durability - These floors are long-lasting and, unless there is structural damage, such as warping caused by excess water, they'll be able to withstand children, pets, and normal wear and tear. Some woods are tougher than others, and the best way to determine a wood's hardness is to look at the Janka scale, a rating system for hardwood going from soft to hard.
  • Easy maintenance - Sweep with a soft broom or vacuum. Make sure the vacuum's beater bars are removed, as they can cause scratching.

Excess water is the biggest enemy of hardwood so wipe spills immediately, and never install it in a room prone to leaky pipes and floods.

Employ some basic rules such as wiping spills immediately; placing mats near entrances; using protective pads on furniture so it doesn't scratch, etc.

  • Value-adding - This happens in several ways. First, 70% to 80% of this purchase will be reflected in your property assessment. So, theoretically, a home could go up in value from $200,000 to over $214,000. Second, many buyers will often pay 2.5% above asking for a home with hardwood flooring. Third, there's the visual appeal; homes with wood floors just sell faster.
  • Those gorgeous undertones - These are secondary colors, and a floor can have a subtle shade of red, orange, beige, yellow, cream, slate blue, etc. Coordinate them with wall colors, upholstery, accessories, art, and even window views.

Hardwood floors are available in both solid and engineered options. Engineered is, indeed, real wood, the construction is different, giving them more stability and water-resistance qualities--but you should still wipe spills immediately and never let water stand on the floors.

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